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"Whoever thought that losing my job would be the best thing that ever happened to me. Now, I get up every morning excited to go to work. Thank you for helping me find a new career direction."

M.G., director / writer

​​​What happens?  

Career coaching is not about "finding" yourself but rather actively and strategically "creating"  career options that fit who you are -- and together, we can make that happen. 

Some clients come for one session. Many find that a few sessions provide the clarity to move forward on their own. Others come more frequently to stay on track and incorporate several job search strategies concurrently.

If you're committed to taking action, professional support will get you your next job faster.


Why see a career coach?

Are you an expert in all the different aspects of a successful job search? Why should you be? These are not activities that you'll do often. If your job search is at an impasse or you want a career change, working with a specialist will boost your confidence and get you there faster.   

Contact me for a free consultation.

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