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Why see a career coach? 


We work with specialists for the most important things in our life. We reach out to real estate brokers to sell our homes, physical trainers to build muscles faster, college prep tutors to improve SAT scores, etc. 

If your job search is at an impasse, or you want a career change, working with a career specialist can save you time by shortening your job search. 

What happens?  


We'll set up a robust complimentary phone consultation: I want to hear about your current situation, your career goals, and your expectations. If we decide to collaborate, I'll streamline the job search process by concentrating on the items you have chosen.   


Some clients come for one session: for a customized list of occupational resources for a career transition or an 11th-hour prep for an interview. Many find that a few sessions provide the clarity to move forward on their own. Others prefer a more hands-on approach and come regularly to stay on track and incorporate several job search strategies concurrently. 


Contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your personal career goals and ways coaching can improve your chances of getting a job more quickly. I am eager to meet you.