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"I spoke with many career counselors before making a decision on whom to work with. I felt most comfortable with Sherry. She was the only one who asked to see my resume before our initial free talk.
I was especially impressed by her assessment of how we could work together."
                                            J.C.D., Creative Project Director     

Why see a career coach?

Are you an expert in all the different aspects of a successful job search? Why should you be? These are not activities that you'll do often.


Finding a new job is a complex process of self-assessment, career/industry exploration, and marketing yourself.

If your job search is at an impasse or you want a career change, working with a specialist will help you clarify your career goals and requirements, showcase your strengths, and streamline the job search process so you don't waste time on unnecessary activities.    



​​​What happens?  

Career coaching is not about "finding" yourself but rather actively and strategically "creating" employment options that fit who you really are -- and it's my job to make that happen. 

First, we'll set up a robust complimentary phone consultation. I'm eager to meet you and to hear about your current situation, your thoughts, and expectations. 

Some clients come for one session. Many find that a few sessions provide the clarity to move forward on their own. Others come more frequently to stay on track and incorporate several job search strategies concurrently.

Studies show that job seekers with the right professional support get their next job faster.

Contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation.


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