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If you're looking for a don't have to do it alone!

Joining a Job Club is a cost-effective method to bring structure, training, and support to stay on track and find employment more quickly. Members come from a broad range of industries, position titles, and work environments. What they have in common is knowing that they get energized in group settings. 

A Job Club builds a community of support, especially if you are...

  • isolated, stressed, and having trouble sustaining motivation

  • hungry for accountability and constructive feedback 

  • spurred to action knowing you'll be presenting regular updates to the group  

  • eager to expand your professional network and hear what others are doing

What to expect...  

Sessions start with "Go Rounds" to lengthen, strengthen and practice Elevator Pitches. Then, each member offers an update, announces successes, shares job-related issues, and asks for advice. During each session, a new skill or strategy is introduced and resources are distributed. The meeting comes to a close after each member sketches out and shares their To-Do list for the upcoming week.

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