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Job Club Members

You have inspired all of those who attended Job Club with your workshops and support of young professionals. Thank you for donating your time and for connecting me with Melissa at the 92nd Street Y, who has proven to also be an excellent friend and mentor.


Sherry's Job Club was a tremendous asset for me as I navigated the unwieldy employment terrain of post-college. Her advice and wisdom helped me secure my first full time employment. I am fortunate that Sherry choose to volunteer her free time to initiative and run the job club. Thank you Sherry!


For someone like me that has been in transition for quite some time, group gatherings such as yours are always a breath of fresh air.  It is from the diversity of those groups that I learn most and get thought-provoking insight. Please keep it up.


The meeting the other night was wonderful.  I got some very helpful information and really enjoyed every one there.  It was an encouraging and comfortable atmosphere .  Thanks for being a great and gracious leader.


Joining the club was a commitment to myself after working with Sherry one-on-one. Her positive attitude allowed us to walk away with new professional connections, job strategies and friendships.


Sherry is great to work with. She has a special skill eliciting group feedback and support with plenty of time to individualize all of our job search concerns. I found her job club to be a necessary element during my career change. The pot luck dinner at the end allowed us to meet people from the other group and network even more.


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I just want to say thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put in to helping folks that need career or job advices. Continue to help others so they can find their potential.


There are approximately 59 Million words in the Oxford English Dictionary, yet there are not enough to describe the great work done by Sherry Natkow. As a Job Club facilitator at the New York Public Library, Sherry was able to give valuable insight to college graduates in their 20's. This insight included resume tips, interview tips and a countless number of other job search recommendations. After attending the Job Club for approximately 2 months I was able to gain employment.


Our Job Club was tremendously valuable.  It provided a strong structure and a caring support system.  It helped me stay focused and positive and kept me from sinking into 'unemployment exhaustion'.


Job Club helped me gain a fresh perspective on my work search. Exchanging ideas with others at club meetings was a great way to discover new strategies as well as to improve my elevator pitch, LinkedIn profile and resume.


The Drop-In Job Club reminded me that I'm not alone and not the only unemployed twenty-something.  I was also able to improve my job search and have gotten great feedback from employers who love the T-style cover letters.


Being a part of the Job Club kept me focused and accountable for goals, sparked ideas and creativity, and, most important to me, provided a cohesive supportive group of fellow job seekers. In short, it’s nice to meet with others who are in your same boat!


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