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Career Consultant


Sherry Natkow is a dynamic program developer who helped high school students realize that their career dreams were within reach. I can attest to the success and effectiveness of her work. She changed the lives of many young people.

C.C., Assistant Principal, School for Legal Studies

Throughout our partnership, Sherry was tireless in making things happen. Sherry has a real talent for pulling together interesting and worthwhile workshops and programs.

W.M., business teacher, Progress High School

There's a big push to get kids into college, but sometimes students don't know why they should go. Job-Prep training taught me how to locate occupational information so I can be more effective.

D.W., college planning volunteer, Learning Leaders

I'm always looking for programs which increase attendance at PTA meetings. Because teens turn to their parents for career and job advice, they'll come out for Job-Prep workshops.

M.L., parent coordinator, The School for Legal Studies

Sherry traveled all around the city leading parent workshops. The two that drew large crowds were "Career Planning: How Can Parents Help? and "Help your Teen Find a Summer Job.

R.S., President, Health Service Assessments

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Sherry trained my students in using the CareerZone web site. This introduction to career planning was particularly valuable for students who were confused about their post-graduation plans. It was a pleasure working with her.

M.A., college advisor, EBT High School

Sherry is an amazing co-worker and asset to youth development. Year after year, she demonstrated the passion and commitment required to propel our programming to nationally recognized excellence! Sherry's a self-starter of the 1st degree.

W.N., supervisor, The Leadership Program

You know you and a few other people are making me grow up -- making me be responsible for what I gotta do.  Thanks for taking the time.

T.B., high school student

I just want to thank you again for working with me. My stepfather says you're really good at what you do and he's right.

T.T., high school student

We offered a series of excellent Job-Prep workshops so our Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers mentors could help their mentees look for summer employment.

C.C., Executive Director, Governor's Committee for Scholastic Achievement

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I definitely credit the job seekers club with getting me to think critically about what I wanted to be doing and taking the steps (back to grad school!) to do it. I love working for Parks. Thanks so much for sharing your time and insights with us.

L.M., Stewardship Field Crew Leader

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