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As a former film industry PUBLICIST, I can turn a phrase and use words strategically. I have the tools to pump up your presence on LinkedIn and customize your elevator pitches. I am certified as a professional resume writer.  


As a former TEACHER, I demystify the job search process and help you create a game plan. I present each step clearly and show you how to incorporate several job strategies simultaneously.    


As a CAREER COACH, I personalize my support every step of the way. I listen carefully and help you clarify your career goals, zero in on fields that are a good fit, and keep you working smarter and moving faster. 


As an INFORMATION RESOURCE, I have a pulse on the current employment climate. I offer occupational options and provide my clients with a curated library of the best articles and websites.


As a CATALYST, I have an in-depth understanding of the hiring process and the specific challenges in the job market. I am a fearless cold caller willing to pitch a client to hiring managers, recruiters, and board members.


As a CONNECTOR, I reach out to my large network of professional contacts and set up informational interviews with my clients.   

As a CAREER CHANGER, I am one. I understand the urge for a change and the grit and creative problem-solving needed to make it happen. I've walked the walk successfully by using my strengths and learning new skills along the way. 

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