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Networking without the pressure.


People are looking at your LinkedIn profile every day.  If you're not satisfied with what they're seeing -- if it isn't introducing you to decision-makers who want to get to know you better -- then I can help.


LinkedIn offers cost-free promotional space to advance and nurture your career. But if the writing is dull, hyperbolic, or stilted, why would a reader scroll through your profile?  If sections are left empty, what professional impression are you creating? If you don't even have a LinkedIn profile, you're letting Google control what others see.  


If you're a job seeker, the often overlooked Summary section alone offers prime real estate to toot your own horn and include industry keywords. It's about 250 words (2,000 characters)  to capture the attention of your target audience. For career changers or people returning to work, the Summary section is an opportunity to explain your journey in a compelling way.  


LinkedIn is an everyday resource for job seekers, employers, and recruiters. Need help in creating an engaging and informative profile? Let's work together to "upload" the best of you!





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