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Client Testimonials

What a hard conversation this afternoon! I left your office with more questions than when I entered. But good questions always create discomfort, so clearly you asked the right questions that I should have answered months ago. Good news is that I feel I am on the right track; bad news is that I still have a longer way to go than I expected.

M.Z.G., architect

Sherry helped me with my transition back to the East Coast by working extra hours on my resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter. I recommend her to anyone looking to improve their digital profile.

M.L.S. photography assistant

Sherry was tasked the unenviable job of sorting through my diverse work history, make sense of it all, and help me write a resume. Though she committed to several one-hour sessions, they usually went well beyond that. She was absolutely committed to helping me achieve the perfect resume.

P.C., engineer

It was frustrating to have a son who was so unfocused. More than academic success, we just wanted him to find that 'fire in the belly' for something. The results of the assessments, which surprisingly he found fun, helped steer him into community service projects he would never have thought of.

S. F., parent of high school student

As someone returning to work after caring for two children, my meeting with Sherry was very helpful in terms of personal encouragement and organizing my thoughts into a plan.

T. B., social worker

Thanks for the high quality guidance -- truly money well spent. Wish I had met you when I was in college or graduate school. Better late than never.

M. H., international contract investigator

The assessment work validated my passion to be an entrepreneur.  While an executive MBA program may still be in my future, for now I'm growing a start-up in China.

R. D., entrepreneur

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I was recently offered the opportunity to interview for a Library Information Assistant position. I strongly believe this is due to your guidance and advice; it really made the world of difference with my resume! Thank you again for your help and for sharing your invaluable knowledge with me.

T.P., master of arts

The biggest of thanks - because of your critique and guidance, I landed my dream job at Penguin Random House in April. What you do is so vital to the community and I could not thank you enough.

A.C., supply chain manager

Thanks so much for a job well done. I now feel confident that I can take the next steps on my own and reboot my career.

D. F., electronic technician

Thank you for coaching me prior to my important informational interview.  I did exactly what you recommended, and because of that, I think my meeting went extremely well. It's really nice of you to donate your time.

Senior at Lenox Hill Neighborhood House

Sherry's my go-to career counselor - the very best. My patients feel valued, supported, and hopeful again. Sherry keeps me in the loop which complements my therapy sessions.

K.P. MD, psychiatrist/psychotherapist

Sherry’s attentiveness and her candid feedback demonstrate how deeply she cares about helping people achieve their career goals. It has been a pleasure working with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of career coaching and resume writing services.

G.R., video editor

Maybe you could not remember me. I am the Chinese girl from Missouri School of Journalism and you helped me a lot when I was in New York. I have been back in China working for Georgia Tech in their Shanghai office. Thank you for your patience and help last year. Let us keep in touch.

J. M., social media marketer

It was helpful to understand that perhaps the job search black hole that I'm in is not because of a lack of suitable qualifications but rather a weakness in self-marketing. I am re-working my resume and cover letters based on your feedback.

L. D., licensed insurance broker

Whoever thought that losing my job would be the best thing that ever happened to me. Now I get up every morning excited to go to work. Thank you for helping me find a new career direction!

M. G., director / writer

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Thank you very much for taking time out of your schedule to talk with me. You provided me with a great deal to think about and process. I am now convinced to approach my job search differently.

S.A., global operations manager

If you are trying to navigate a career change and coming up against roadblocks, call Sherry. I did, on recommendation, and her guidance has made a world of difference since our first conversation.
Sherry's approach to resume writing helped me understand and articulate the value that I can offer beyond my current field. I credit her for multi-round interviews with four great organizations.
The best surprise was that after Sherry patiently taught me how to strategically restructure my application process, she stayed in consistent contact for coaching and to share new leads. Sherry knows how to help and she genuinely cares.

I.D.G., special education teacher

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