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Career Coaching


"After I graduated from college, I had dozens of different job ideas and hundreds of questions. Sherry went through them with me, methodically and tirelessly, helping set me on the path that was right for me."    

L.B. film curator

My family and boyfriend didn't know how to help. Thankfully you were always by my side and kept me going in the right direction.

L. T., nutritionist

Sherry was a pleasure to work with. She focused on the development of my resume with drive and attention to truly defining my unique skills and presenting them in a modern format. She also taught me how to adjust my materials, including the cover letter, for each type of job to which I apply. Sherry obviously spent time thinking about the big picture for me and encouraged me to think more creatively about my opportunities for employment. To that end, she provided plenty of resources for me to explore and made a couple of introductions to other working professionals in my field and beyond.  It's clear that Sherry enjoys being an employment champion for others. She combines a genuine enthusiasm for her clients with a clear depth of knowledge.

A.L., theatre teacher

Sherry is an excellent job consultant and gets right down to the problems and how to solve them whether on your resume, preparation and resources. Sherry is knowledgeable about the current employment market and how to present yourself in the best possible light regardless of age. If you want or need to change careers, she is the person who can help you make the change and go forward with your new career.

G.R., executive admin

You were so generous of your time and even at this early point I believe that your process is transformational. I fully intend to continue our work together, to discover and implement genuine change.

D.W., fundraiser

Sherry gives her clients the best and beyond. She really cares about who she’s speaking to on an individual basis.

E.A.G., tourism

I’ve been a client of Sherry’s for a little under a year. She helped me make assessments as I considered a career change and guided me to re-direct my search to find a better position within my current field. Her coaching was essential to my interview and salary negotiation and a check-in session right before my review helped me to properly reflect and prepare a lengthy self-assessment, which in turn, allowed me to be in the driver's seat during the review went great! Even though I am not currently searching, I will remain a client of Sherry as I make long-term plans for my career: her knowledge and insights are huge assets in a competitive industry. 

J.Q., beverage director

I have good news! After taking your excellent "motherly" advice, I was accepted after all! Thank you so much for reminding me not to stand in the "comfort" of rejection and to act! It is a very valuable lesson!

D.K., mediator and attorney

Thank you again for sharing your breadth of knowledge and experience and your concern for others seeking jobs.  I feel inspired and motivated.

B. B., executive assistant

I was worried my son would never leverage his college degree. You got him to focus his energy and put one foot in front of the other. He's now found a great job. Thank you!

E.F., account manager

Wanted to let you know that I have great news - next week I'll be starting my new job at Chapman University! I'm very excited about this new adventure, and very grateful for the help you gave me, which I'm sure played a large role in my getting the job. 

R.L., higher ed administrator   ​

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I have attended several of Sherry's workshops on employment strategies. I acquired new, useful skills and found the presentations to be very informative, organized and applicable to my job search. Sherry was extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and engaging. She is clearly very passionate about her work and helping clients reach their full potential through employment. If you are looking for a career coach, I would highly recommend her.

J.S., institutional partnerships coordinator

I've collaborated with Sherry with patients of all ages and industries. She knows what she's doing and she's good at it!

Dr. H.B-W, psychotherapist

Thank you for everything. You’ve improved my confidence ten-fold and my anxiety level has decreased to a much more healthy place.You truly have a gift!

J.O., ell teacher

Sherry provided me with fantastic career advice. She showed me new job-hunting techniques that I had not previously considered, then helped me practice them over the following weeks. She was definitely a great help throughout the job-prep process!

D.N., chief of staff

As a graduate student about to return to the workforce, my meeting with Sherry was very helpful, both in terms of personal encouragement and professional strategizing and organizing thoughts into a plan.

M.G.B., writer/director/producer

I worked with Sherry in 2012 when I moved back to New York and was looking to change my career focus, network, and apply for jobs. Sherry helped me re-brand myself by working with me to reformat my employment experience, both organizationally and descriptively, to reflect my new focus. She was very accessible outside of our meetings to answer my questions, make editing suggestions, as well as to give career advice.

M.N., registered nurse

Sherry is an extremely knowledgeable and generous career coach. I found her suggestions to be clear and coherent and helpful. On several occasions she went above and beyond in order to help me connect to people in my field.

S. R., digital marketing manager

Sherry provided me with fantastic career advice. She showed me new job-hunting techniques which I suspect cut my search in half the time.

D. N., operations consultant

You were a wonderful surprise!

A.D., administrative assistant

Thank you so much for your help in career coaching, resume writing, and cover letter writing. You have helped me so much and I feel so much more confident now in my job search.

R.J.H., recent college grad

" ... I just accepted a job offer in LA! It incorporates a lot of my top skills that we identified together. Thanks again for your help in the fall sorting through my career priorities and resume. I'm feeling excited about this new chapter


K.B., marketing & communications

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I wanted to let you know that I am getting a lot of interest from teaching/tutoring jobs and some interest in my writing. Maybe it's not what will sustain me, but I believe I will one day find a way to teach what I really want to teach and write what I really want to write . I have you to thank for pointing me in this direction. It's getting clearer now.

                                     R.G., PhD student/teacher

I spoke with many career counselors before making a decision. I felt most comfortable speaking with Sherry. She was the only one who asked to see my resume and LinkedIn profile before our free complimentary talk. I was especially impressed by her assessment of how we could work together.

J.C.D., business development manager

Sherry and I have been working for the last three months, on my CV, cover letter and other crucial resources for my career development. I have to say she's been assertive with her advice and guidance, a career coach expert, and a mentor. Working with her has allowed me to rediscover myself as a professional and receive the guidance I needed, not to say that my CV looks amazing!
Really happy to work with Sherry and fully recommended, my area is the art and art professions and she really has taken the time to research, find examples and get to know me better to portray my profile accurately.

Thank you Sherry, you are my savior!

P.F.L. M.A., bilingual art administrator

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