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Generic resumes don't work. Hiring managers want to know why you're a good fit and how you would add value to their company. 


All certified resume writers are trained to write effective marketing documents. The way they work, however, varies. 


My process starts with a robust complimentary phone consultation: I want to hear about your career aspirations and employment concerns. I want to take a look at your most recent resume. Then I'll quote you a fee that is fair and competitive and, if you’d like, send you several current resumes I've written to review, 


Before I start writing, I won’t ask you to fill out a questionnaire with a laundry list of details. However, I will ask for your active participation and offer unlimited email and phone contact during the process. Clients who work with me collaboratively end up with the most competitive resumes.


I'll get rid of weak verbs and meaningless buzzwords and replace these with your qualifications, industry-specific language, metrics, and keywords related to the specific position. Our joint effort (my prodding and your recollections) will unearth your unique skills, outstanding accomplishments, and long-forgotten achievements.


I'll keep sending you revisions until you're satisfied and show you how to customize your resume for other positions. Since companies usually have a salary range for every position, I want you to negotiate the highest salary!


Other marketing services available are cover letters, executive bios, and LinkedIn profiles. Interested? Let's talk!  

"Resumes evolve in layers. They don't spring fully formed in one draft from anyone's keyboard. They are the result of numerous drafts, each of which inches the product forward."

Martin Yates "Resumes That Knock 'em Dead."