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All certified resume writers are trained to write effective marketing documents, but how they work varies.


I start with a complimentary phone consultation. I'm eager to hear about your current situation and your employment goals. If you have a resume you wish to share, I'll quickly critique it and offer you sample resumes.

If you're using AI to brainstorm ideas and conduct background research, you may have a decent first draft. Check to see if the AI text is specific and detailed. Does it include YOUR accomplishments?


Crafting a customized resume that is impactful and specific to your experience requires additional drafts.

"Resumes evolve in layers. They don't spring fully formed in one draft from anyone's keyboard. They are the result of numerous drafts, each of which inches the product forward."   "Resumes That Knock 'em Dead"                                                                                    

Before starting, I won't ask you to complete a questionnaire; however, I will ask for your active participation. My questions and your recollections will unearth your unique skills, recent achievements, and long-forgotten accomplishments.

I offer unlimited email and phone contact and will keep sending you new drafts until you are satisfied.  

"Your resume got me in the door!"


R.S. Crisis Counselor

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