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All certified resume writers are trained to write effective marketing documents. The way they work, however, varies.


My process starts with a complimentary phone consultation. I want to hear about your current situation and your employment goals. I'd like to look at your most recent resume and I'll show you several resumes I've written. In fact, you may already have a workable resume and just need an update, slight format changes, or a few edits.


However, most clients want more.

      "Resumes evolve in layers. They don't spring fully formed in one draft from anyone's keyboard. They are the result of      numerous drafts, each of which inches the product forward."    Martin Yates, "Resumes That Knock 'em Dead"


Before I start writing, I won’t ask you to fill out a questionnaire with a laundry list of details. However, I'll ask for your active participation. I'll get rid of weak verbs and meaningless hyperboles and optimize with keywords and core competencies. I'll create a targeted Summary and translate what you tell me into compelling and impactful text. My prodding and your recollections will unearth your unique skills, outstanding accomplishments, and long-forgotten achievements. 

I offer unlimited email and phone contact and will keep sending you revisions until you're satisfied.  

Other marketing services are available. Interested? Let's talk!  

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