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Workshop Testimonials

I wanted to thank you for the extremely informative and one of the best, no the best, resume class I have ever taken.

Y-W. W., data analyst

I attended your presentation of "Be Interview Ready" in October. I learned so much from it - especially how to prepare for different stages of the interview process; sadly, not something I've ever done in the past. 

T.N., market research

Sherry traveled all around the city leading parent workshops. The two that drew large crowds were "Career Planning: How Can Parents Help? and "Help your Teen Find a Summer Job.

Copy Of -R.S., ceo, health services assessments

Her extremely informative workshop turned my thinking around and helped me to focus on my career goals. Sherry is also very warm and caring every time I saw her whether in her office or at the NY Library.

M.M., driver

I was so shocked after losing my job of 23 years that I never will be blindsided again. Your class has really helped me keep up to date regarding resumes.

M.W., health science consultant

Thank you for the fantastic workshop yesterday! I didn't get a chance to talk to you afterward, but I just wanted to say that I had never heard the term "Portfolio Career" before and could never explain what I was doing to my friends and family.

L.L., movie director/content producer

Great class! It fired up my brain. Been thinking of even more possibilities the last few hours. I think the most important thing I learned is: I need to understand myself.  

J.C., onboarding specialist

Just want to let you know I've attended 4 of your Job-Prep series of workshops at the Library. You certainly know how to simplify the job search process. I'm not surprised that you were a former teacher.

G.F., mortgage loan officer

"I made a couple of great contacts at your LinkedIn Summary workshop. It was a great idea to share everyone's names/LinkedIn profiles. I have become friends with a few people and even have plans to be someone's networking buddy."    

G.B., Resourceful Marketer

What a great group you led yesterday!  I always learn so much when I watch the ease,  knowledge, and caring that you bring to a group that you lead.

L.R., art director

Sherry, your wise career advice was MOST appreciated by us all. Also it was a very good pep-talk to keep me out of the no-job, nobody-loves-me doldrums!

J.S., credit analyst

It was great attending "Critique Your Resume" yesterday. You have given me a great deal to move forward with. I will start by bringing my résumé into the 21st century.

T.M., nonprofit fundraiser

I acquired new, useful skills and found "Be Interview Ready" presentation to be very informative, organized and applicable to my current job search. Sherry was extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and engaging. 

J.S., therapist

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I'm thrilled to report 62 new contacts (almost a 49% increase) so far in the last four weeks. I was emboldened to reach out more often after re-writing my LinkedIn profile summary. Thanks for the tips that helped me move the ball forward.

M.J.T., writer

I met you at your LinkedIn workshop last Friday. Great work by the way. Lots of new ideas to include in my Summary section.

M.R., corporate CPA

I was so impressed with her knowledge and sincere desire to help students understand what’s needed to find a job in today’s job market that I hired her to help me consider my next job move and work out a plan of action. She is insightful and caring which was just what I needed.

S.R., marketing assistant

I attended the Strengthen Your Resume session on Nov 8. I haven't been getting any calls for interviews but I feel that will change once I incorporate the resume tips that you shared. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

G.B., Resourceful Marketer

Sherry trained my students in using the CareerZone web site. They took self-assessment exercises and researched occupations of interest to them. This introduction to career planning was particularly valuable for students who were confused about their post-graduation plans. It was a pleasure working with her.

M.O.A., high school guidance/college counselor

You are so secure about what you are doing that you don't have to sweat, you don't have to make any extra effort, and you don't have to put on a show. I used to observe master teachers at Adler and I understood that their method matches the content of what they teach. You have that.

C.C., teacher

"You are a person I can say is a teacher whom I can learn from. If I am having a hard time understanding you take the time out to help me understand and that is a great quality you have." 

R.A., Waiver Service Provider

I want to thank you for changing an apprehensive day, into one that held a positive message. The workshop on "Crafting an Elevator Pitch" peaked my interest, but it was you who truly lifted my spirits.

L.C., executive editor

It was a true pleasure attending your seminar yesterday!  You gave such valuable information and insight and in a professional, productive and fun format. Thank you for the work that you do!

E.G. interior designer

I am over sixty years old and in a position of transition. I am grateful for people like you who offer lots of resources and know how hard it is to be a career changer.

S.B., corporate lawyer

Great learning yesterday. I left with a headache which means I was really working hard!

M.L.W., Logistics Acct. Management

I am no longer stuck!

K.S., CRM analyst

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Thank you so much for leading today's workshop. It was everything I wanted and more. You have class participation which is a breath of fresh air vs. being lectured. Your insight and perspective in helping me stay motivated was priceless. So many great ideas!

C.F. corporate communications

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