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"You were a wonderful surprise!"                                A.D. admin assistant 


As an independent career coach, I see clients of all ages,

position titles, industries, and multicultural backgrounds. 

Mid-career professionals eager for a different job function or industry change

Recent college graduates pursuing entry-level employment

Internationals anxious about interviewing for a position in a U.S. company

The underemployed stuck in dead-end jobs

Parents yearning for a better balance between work and personal life 

Refugees and migrants eager to work and rebuild their lives

Senior citizens longing for part-time work

Teachers who left the profession from burnout during the pandemic

Creatives launching "portfolio careers" with several income streams

C-suite executives who haven't put a resume together in years

Caregivers keen to return to work and revive their careers

Students searching for a summer job or internship that offers a career direction


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