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I genuinely appreciate your help and presence in my life. You're an inspiration. We are blessed to have you as our leader.


Talking to you was a shot in the arm and I look forward to improving my resume and getting results.  You've helped me to see remedies and a way to re-position myself.

K.B., executive assistant

Thanks so much for a job well done. I am very pleased with the final version of my resume and feel confident (and relieved) to be out there networking and feeling confident. Will keep you updated.

L.S., regulatory compliance manager

Your resume got me in the door!

R.S., crisis counselor

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Sherry is very diligent, knowledgeable, and dedicated to the success of her clients. Having her rework my resume and cover letter from scratch eased my mind in the struggle to obtain employment.

YW, investment banker

I was struggling to update my resume and hired Sherry to finish the job. To my surprise, I started getting interviews right away and shortly thereafter found a good job in my field.

M.P., IT project manager

Thanks for doing your job so well. I am so grateful and proud of my resume and ready to be a part of the Gig economy.

J.C., management consultant

I guess I thought my resume was pretty together. Unfortunately, or I guess fortunately, after your comments about its lack of focus, I went back and looked at it without the rose-colored glasses, and realized that you were right.

S.L., loan administrator

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