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"I want to thank you for changing an apprehensive day, into one that held a positive message. The slide presentation peaked my interest, but it was you who truly lifted my spirits."                       LC, executive editor



"Just want to let you know I truly enjoyed your workshops. You certainly simplify the process of resume writing and developing an elevator pitch."                                                                             LE,  mortgage loan officer



"Sherry, your wise career advice was MOST appreciated by us all. Also it was a very good pep-talk to keep me out of the no-job nobody-loves-me doldrums!"                                                                           JS, credit analyst



"It was extremely helpful to step back and read my resume through the lens of a prospective hiring manager. Your class gave me the tools I need to confidently market myself in a concise and professional package." 

SK, independent design professional



"What a great group you led yesterday!  I always learn so much when I watch the ease, warmth, knowledge, and caring that you bring to a group that you lead."                                                                 SL, sales manager



"Your presentation was not only informative, practical and professional, but it was also enthusiastic and infectious with all of the 52 people in that room."                                                             JT, IT network technician



"Being in a position of transition, I am grateful for people like you who share information and resources. I want you to know that your talents and gifts reach people."                                                       SB, nonprofit fundraiser



"Thank you again for sharing your breadth of knowledge and experience and your concern for others seeking jobs.  I left the class feeling inspired, motivated and with some new connections."            BB, executive assistant



"Your course was stupendous.  I’m hoping my new resume will sparkle.  You are expert, amusing and profound – a splendid combo!"                                                                                                             RS, crisis counselor



"You're amazing and I learned a lot from you last time in critiquing my resume. I made it better right away!" 

SS, recent college graduate

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